When it comes to the face of background removal, everyone will choose Photoshop without any doubt, cause with just a few clicks, you can remove the background easily. But still, many of you are wondering about how to remove background from hair in Photoshop?

Well, It's not that hard task. In 2020, the new Photoshop has made it easier. Though removing background from hair is a little tricky task, especially for the women's hair, it works well. Let's move on to our main topic.        

You will need to follow these steps to do the work smoothly— 

Setting Up the Layers and Protecting the Original Picture File:

     Open the layers panel so that you can edit on a white background. 

     Replicate the actual layer and turn it off. It will help you to start again if you make a mistake. 

Creating a High-Contrast Background:

     You can use a white background as well as a bright-colored background. It will help you to edit more meticulously.     

     Now click on the page icon, which is at the bottom of the Layers panel.

     Fill a new layer with a bright color with the help of the 'Paint Bucket' tool.

     Place the new color behind the replicated image. It will become invisible but will be there to facilitate the editing.       

Removing Background from Hair:

     You will need to open the picture of that person in Photoshop.

     Next, you will need to find out the 'Eraser' tool from the toolbar.

     Now click on the 'Background Eraser Tool.'

     Look at the top toolbar; you will see a brush icon. Select your preferable size of the brush according to the picture.

     You will also need to set the hardness and spacing according to the image you are going to edit.

     Now choose the 'once' option in the sampling method.

     Now, look at the drop-down menu where you will find the 'Limits' option. Pick 'Discontiguous'.

The 'Tolerance' should be about 45-50%

Do not forget to select the Discontiguous and the Protected Foreground Color. The settings will help you to confine the blending of the color with the foreground. As a result, the layers will remain separate.     

The most crucial setting is Tolerance. It helps the brush to decide what to remove from the background. You will need some experiments while setting the Tolerance. 

Gingerly wipe up the meeting point of the hairline and the background. You will see the bright color that was invisible earlier.

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Reducing Tolerance and Removing the Remaining Background:

     You will probably need to reduce the Tolerance if the background color is closer to the image.

     Also, you may need to change the brush size according to your preference.

     You need to zoom in the image to edit the details.

     When you are done with the process, you can remove the rest of the background.

     This time you can easily use a large brush with up to 50% Tolerance.

     Your main hard work is complete; now you can replace the background with your desired one.

This is the whole procedure you will need to do for removing the background from hair.   

Bottom Line:

I have discussed in detail about how to remove the background from hair in Photoshop in this article. I hope after reading this, you won't have any confusion about this topic. This writing will help the newbie Photoshop users as well.     


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