What Is Ghost Mannequin

If you have an online fashion website, chances are that you have come across the concept of Ghost Mannequin Service. As the name suggests, this is the process of displaying your fashion wares in a 3D mode without showing the mannequin. So first, you must take images of the fashion merchandise on the mannequin, then remove it so that the customer does not get distracted by it and looks only at a comprehensive representation of the merchandise.

What Are The Advantages Of This Service

When we walk into a store and look at a mannequin displaying different garments, we instantly understand how it would fit our bodies. Similarly, we want to look at fashion websites online and get an idea of the fit of the garment, but sometimes mannequins may take focus away from the beautiful designs, and this service ensures this doesn't happen. Also, the ghost mannequin editor can merge images so that the customer sees the fashion label in the picture too. Another advantage is that you can display different colors of the same garment, and also get the distracting background or other such elements removed by the ghost mannequin service provider.


How To Find The Best Ghost Mannequin Process Provider

You can find the best service provider if you judge the providers on these factors:-


Look at the plethora of service providers online and their range of services. Their portfolio, samples, and past client references would tell you if they are best for your needs.


You must also talk to the potential service providers and see the standard of their customer service and how they deal with personalization requests.


You do not want to spend an unnecessary massive amount for mediocre work, so make sure to see if the service is cost-effective for you.

Where To Find Your Ghost Mannequin Partner

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