The most popular service of a photographer is photo editing. Only a great photographer can convert an ordinary image into a great image. 


But without sufficient equipment, a photographer can not create a professional and vibrant picture. Photo editing is a must for creating a stunning picture, but it is only possible when a photographer has the right operating system. 


Now you must be thinking which operating system is best for adobe photoshop because most of the photographers mainly use photoshop for editing pictures. Today I'll try to give you a guideline about the best operating system for adobe photoshop. 


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Which Operating System is Best for Adobe Photoshop?

There are a lot of operating systems in the world. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages.     

According to my research, I can tell you about three types of operating systems that are right for using adobe photoshop. They are—

  • MacOS
  • Microsoft Window
  • Linux



  • UI is premium
  • Memory management is good
  • Fast Boot-up Application
  • Great battery optimization
  • Has an interconnected ecosystem 
  • The security system of Mac is the best
  • The great operating system for running  adobe photoshop    


  • Very expensive
  • Hardware is not upgradable
  • The free application is limited

Though recent years MacOS are not performing up to the level, it is still one of the best operating systems. It has creative apps in the Apple store that can not be seen in the different platforms. Also, it is the best operating system for using adobe photoshop.       


2.Microsoft Window:


  • User-friendly UI 
  • Much cheaper than MacOS
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Available in most of the computer shop
  • The free version also works amazingly 
  • Adobe photoshop is specially created for Windows
  • Windows marketplace is loaded with photo editing software    


  • Organizing a Windows PC is complicated than MacOS
  • Battery optimization is poor
  • Memory management is not so good

It is the most hyped operating system among PC users. If anyone wants a great performance on a low budget, Windows will definitely be the best choice. Adobe Photoshop can perform much better in Windows.            




  • OS is customizable
  • Fast Boot-up time
  • Lightweight
  • It is totally free
  • It has an easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Office program and browsers are pre-installed in the OS
  • Excellent and very fast operating system    


  • Without emulator, photoshop can not be installed
  • Uses command-line interface
  • Lack of good photo editing software.        

Linux is one of the most well known operating systems, as it is 100% free. It has more than 600 distros; the most popular distros is Ubuntu. Gimp and InkSpace are the most used program as they have many features similar to photoshop. Also, adobe photoshop can be run smoothly with an emulator.          


There is no operating system without merits and demerits. If you don't want to invest but still need to edit photos, you can go for Linux.

If you have an average budget, you can choose Windows with custom hardware, which is the best one for editing pictures. 


Last but not least, if your budget is big enough, you can purchase MacOS. 


Now you are the only one who will decide which operating system is best for adobe photoshop for your point of view.



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