If you are someone who love to create a 3D effect in photos, this is the right article you choose to read. In this article, I am going to explain why drop shadow is necessary for photo. 

Among many image editing services, drop shadow service is the most important and basic one, because, with the help of this photo shadow effect, we can create a 3D effect for that image which is really awesome.        

What is a Photo Drop Shadow :

According to graphics design, an effect that can make illusion is known as a photo drop shadow. It makes the image looks like floating over its background.

You can edit an image as much as you wish. You can also increase the effectiveness of the picture, such as— small and tall shadow, or even a flat shadow. 

Types of Photoshop Shadow Service:

There are three types of Photoshop shadow services. They are—

Natural shadow effect: The natural shadow of an image may be removed by this process. This service is chosen by the professionals when they want to remove the background.      

Photoshop drop shadow service: This service can create a polished shadow effect depending on the customer's preference.        

Mirror effect service or reflection shadow service: This service can create an aesthetic appearance to the image by creating an illusion. 

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Why Drop Shadow is Necessary for Photo:

1.For Real-time Images:  

It is really necessary to use both light and shadow in an image to reach the full potential of photography. 

2. To make Contrast:

You can easily make a dramatic effect by creating Contrast using photoshop shadow service. Viewers usually like high tonal Effect, which can not be created without shadow. 

3. To Make Focus:

People are attracted to a thing that can catch their eyes at first glance. We try to catch the viewers' eyes by blurring the surrounding environment, which is known as focus. Drop shadow is helpful for focusing on the subject. 

4. To Grab Attention:

Shadow can act as a directing tool as it always has a shape. It can point out some elements of the image. 

5. To Create Form:

You can also create different forms of one subject using a drop shadow effect. Usually, an image is considered as incomplete without accurate shadow effect. 

6. To Make 3D Effect:

To give the illusion to the images and to make 3D Effect, this drop shadow service is so effective. 

7.E-commerce Product:

Many e-commerce sites use this service to make pictures of their products look more polished and vibrant. It helps to improve their business. 

8. To Fix Darkness:

Photoshop shadow effect helps to increase darkness at the areas opposite to light.

9.Other Uses:

You can also create laying product shadow, drop shadow behind any text, adjust shadow behind any pictures, trim edges, add a white edge to the pictures by using this Effect.       

When You Need to Use Drop Shadow Service:     

1.For your e-commerce sites:

If you are an e-commerce retailer, you can use the service and upgrade the look and feel of your business products.

2.For your photography studio:

If you want to create a professional studio for photography, you should definitely use the service to make your images more vibrant.           

Nowadays, many industries are trying to promote their products online because they can easily reach customers online. For the advertisements, they need to publish clear, polished, aesthetic images of their products. That is why drop shadow is necessary for photo.



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