During the last two decades, online shopping has skyrocketed from near zero to the Everest. More and more people ardently are opting for the online purchase instead of going out in a physical shop and pick their favorite item. If you need Clipping Path Service contact with us.

And with such booming growth of online sales, many a person and company is entering the competitive market each day with a dream to make Big Sales. Sadly, a majority of them fall back after a few months, partly because their product image failed to impress consumers on the first attempt. It happened because most of them didn't opt for an exceptional clipping path service to streamline their product images for a better presentation.

This leads us to the all-important question why need clipping path service for companies and personal? Well, it's straightforward- big companies and even personals require clipping path service to make their product images and other photographs look WOW from a regular image that captivates consumers' hearts immediately.

Want to more about the necessity of clipping path service and who provides the best clipping path service?

Then keep reading the following sections.

Why Need Clipping Path Service?

A recent statistic showed that people remember 80% of what they see and only around 16% to 25% what they read in one go. The stat is itself speaking about the usefulness of proper clipping path service to make your product images look super-cool and captivating.

But this is only the pick of a mountain lying underneath the ocean surface that describes the necessity of clipping path service. So, let me be more specific.

Make your product image eye-catchy:

The success of your sales largely depends on the quality of product images. Consumers, in fact, love seeing their desired product image on a white background instead of a colorful one. There are other factors linked with the quality, too, such as image sharpness, color presentation, depth, and so on.

A proper clipping path service can take care of all these factors and present you with the highest quality images for your E-commerce site.

Image management:

Maybe you are an owner or a manager of a large E-commerce sit with a website and social media page to display product image for potential customers.  In such cases, you may need to handle hundreds of images per day.

Some images may need color correction, while others may need background removal. It is nearly impossible for a few persons to take care of these issues linked with product image. Thus, a reputed clipping path service provider is all set to do all these editings for you.

You just send them the photos and requirements, wait for a specific period, and get your edited images- all in a snap.

An inexpensive alternative:

You may recruit photo editors to manage every photo editing for you. However, it might not be a cheap option for you.  You not only have to provide him a salary but also create a working space for him too. All these may add up to your product price, which, of course, isn't an affordable option.

Instead, you can quickly get the job done with a quality service provider for a photo clipping path.

Bring variation:

Sometimes you might have the same product with various colors only. At this time, shooting individually for every item is time-consuming and costlier too. So, what do you do then?

A clipping path service can quickly fix all these issues. You just send one product image and specify the colors you want the professionals to add to that image. You should get your image ready within a few hours with all of the desired colors you cherished for earlier.

Thus, you can quickly add variations to the E-commerce site product listing.

Quick fixing:

When your photographer shots the product images, despite his excellence and hard work, some issues aren't in anyone's control.  These may include lighting, the product's dull color, and so on. A professional clipping path service provider will quickly fix these issues to make every image look immaculate and impressive.

Besides these prominent benefits of using a reputed clipping path service, there is some minor usefulness also of the premium service.

ü  You can quickly add depth to the product image.

ü  Professional photographers can improve the overall impression of their captured images.

ü  Individuals can also get their photos edited and retouched.

ü  Big marketing agencies can get their images converted in various file formats for print marketing such as banners, logos, and billboards.

ü  Magazines and newspapers can also get their images edited without reducing the image quality.

The Best Clipping Path Services at Present:

Clipping path service is as comprehensive as you can imagine and maybe broader than that. However, the most popular and widespread clipping path services, more or less, is known to most websites and E-commerce site owners.

These standard clipping path services are:

Background removal:

The background removal is probably the most used clipping path service that ever emerged. Professionals use a vector path and pen tool to quickly remove the whole background from the photo to separate product images or persons.

The service also includes replacing the background with a white background.

 Ghost mannequin:

Ghost mannequin or sometimes called neck-joint service is a combination of every possible method that a professional requires to remove the dummy from an image. In most cases, online clothing shops photograph their fashion wear on a mannequin.

The ghost mannequin service removes the mannequin and replaces the background with a white one (mostly). Sometimes, under the facility, editors also add extra depth in the images to enhance the attractiveness.

Drop Shadow:

It is unlike the shadow we mean in our daily life. The drop shadow is an image manipulation technique in the clipping path service that adds or edits the different types of shadow effects on the product. The primary purpose is to make the images more attractive.

There are many types of drop shadow service which includes natural shadow creation, drop shadow, reflective shadow, original shadow, and so on.

Image masking service:

It is almost similar to the background removal service. Under the image masking service, Photoshop editors remove the hair or fur from an image. It is widely used in the modeling and fashion industry where it is imperative to present the model's photo with premiere accuracy.

Image masking service needs multipath image editing and so, requires higher-skilled editors for the overall procedure.

Raster to Vector:

Raster to Vector or R2V conversion is one of the most crucial methods for complicated photo editing services. The process includes the conversion of raster images (mostly images use the raster format for image saving) into a vector format.

The vector format permits you to be upscale or downscale image size without comprising with the image quality. Thus, it is imperative for marketing agencies.

Clipping Path Lab

During the recent time, Clipping Path Lab has earned its well-deserved reputation in the clipping path image industry. The service provider has a bunch of enthusiastic photo editing professionals who have a clear idea about their work.

Besides, the customer-oriented service from Clipping Path Lab will make your overall experience enjoyable with them. To be honest, once you first work with them, it would be utterly surprising if you don't come back to them for the next time.

The service provider has an extensive range of photo clipping services that broadly includes all accessible and useful functions. Thus, whether you are from an E-commerce site or a marketing agency, the superior service provider is all ready to meet your every requirement.

Their photo editing team encompasses the best graphics editors in the industry, and all of them understand your need almost fully. On top of it, their quality control team doesn't lag in providing you 100% satisfaction in every work.

Finally, their responsive customer care and affordable budget make them an unrivaled winner in the clipping path service market.


Day by day, the need for high-quality clipping path service is leaping rapidly. Therefore, if you are planning to enter the E-commerce market, you must know why you need clipping path service for your product images.

While you may find one service provider and get a disappointing result, we recommend you to check out the specialty of Clipping Path Lab and decide afterward.

We sincerely hope the write-up comes useful and informative and help you make the right decision, without an air of confusion surrounding you.



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